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About the author
   I - Murtazin Alexey Mansurovich, Born December 1, 1975 I live in Russia, Chelyabinsk region, Troitsk. Disabled children, group 1, cerebral palsy. He graduated from a boarding school in the city of Kusa 1986-1996.
   The first program written for PC ZX Spectrum 48K, on the language of Basic in 1995. Since then, i have created a large number of programs. In 2001 there was the first test version of the editor Tests Int.. He is frequently updated and turned into a powerful tool. Then changed its name to Check of all knowledge. In 2015, I decided to make it free and hope that it will become popular.

   For those, who want to support me financially, so details:
   1) The transfer of money to the Bank of Russia:
The account recipient:40817810272002323945
The name of the Bank and address of the recipient:SBERBANK (URALSKY HEAD OFFICE) EKATERINBURG

   2) WebMoney: Z399434234626, R509248139225, U654911232414

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Author site: Alexey Murtazin, established june 20 2015.
Contacts: E-mail: / ICQ: 310631298