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Create a psychological test (a set points)

Section menu "File \ New"
   Scoring is when each answer has its value. After passing the test, the scores are added together.
   On the left is a list of all parameters. It is divided into three parts. To change one of them, double-click or press Enter to its name.
   After pressing the "Reset" of all test settings are reset.
Part 1
   Type of establishment: - Select one of the six points: 1) High school, 2) vocational school, 3) college, 4) No limitations 5) State Institution, 6) Private firm
   Subject - the name of the object or select it from the list. To make changes to the list, open the file Subject.txt.
   Name of the test - When testing, the name will be displayed in the program header.
   Enter password - The first password is needed to ensure that no one except you could not make a change in the test.
   Total number of questions - For example 100
   1) They will ask all the questions - If you want to ask all the questions, this option should not be changed.
   2) It will ask: - For example 20.
   3) Number of tickets - For example 4. The program is divided 100 to 4, get one ticket for 25 issues. Then randomly selects a ticket, say 3. This means that will be asked to 51 on 75. Remember one rule - the total number of questions must be divided by the number of tickets without a trace. If you click on the menu "File \ Start over", the program will open the ticket that the pupil had not yet seen. Once all the tickets are selected, then all starts again.
      This option, if you include the previous function "Number of tickets".
      1) Random selection - The choice of a computer ticket.
      2) Selecting a ticket for students - The student will be able to choose the ticket number.
      3) Selecting a ticket or student or computer - Combining the two previous modes.
   Main number of responses - For example, most of the questions has the same number of answers. To save time, select the number at the beginning of the creation of the test.
   Quantity of results - To end the program showed only the amount of points, leave zero.
   Compiled test - Enter your name, as desired.
Part 2
   Show questions in random order - The program will show the first 20 questions. If you check, then randomly selects 20 questions out of 100.
   The index of random - This option, if you include the previous function "Display questions in a random order." Before testing, the students have to enter the same number from 1 to 999999. In this case, the program will select the same 20 question for all students that will put them in a completely equal footing. If you enter zero, then the index is set at random.
   Time - If the time for solving the test is limited, then enter the hours or minutes.
   Compulsory saving results - Before starting the test the student must open the file in which the result will be saved, and enter their name. If for some reason the program will not save the information, then instead of evaluating and interest appear question mark. In this mode, I advise not to include the "indicator of true answers." If a student does not pass the test to the end, in the table of results it will put a dash.
   Enter password - The student will not be able to open the test yourself. When the first and second password must not be the same. Suppose there are several tests and they have the same passwords. Then, simply enter your password once, they are free to open.
      Retake the test - with the permission of the teacher - If you select this option in the program will request a password each time you open the test.
Enter questions and answers
   Quick entry - Enter the entire test in Word. At the beginning of the issue should melt the sign "#" immediately after the response to the prompt, enter the new score.
   In the beginning by the sign "?". Help is additional information that is indicated by a "[?]". When you hover the mouse on the mark, the text appears.
Example: Press the File \ New , enter any naming test and password (in the moment they are not important for us). Then the total number of questions is equal to one. To specify the exact number of questions is not necessarily, the program itself will count them. Click Take , Test \ Fast loading issues , then copy this text:

Insert it into the program, make sure that the questions and answers took only one line and then "Accept". ALL !!! TEST READY !!!
   The program can start downloading the text with the first question or the one where you are. Example: Once again File \ New , enter any naming test and password, the total number of questions is already two, "Accept" button. F4 , select the second question again Test \ Fast loading issues , insert the same text, "Accept". Click Back and you will see that the question 1 remained empty.
   Test \ Edit the entire test - This menu item will remove the test back quickly and correct errors.
   If you want to view or print the entire test it, then Test \ Show entire test.

   Normal input - first introduced the issue, choose the number of answers, type the answers. Then click F2 , or double-click on the appropriate question number and earn points. Use the "up", "down", you can sort through questions and answers. If a student has to gain a response from the keyboard itself, then the issue should be only one answer. Answer student must match exactly with the answer to the test, except for the size of the letters. The answer is "Pushkin" and "Pushkin" - the program will count as correct.

   The test will be displayed in a web page, which gives huge visual capabilities. If you need to pick the text, press Ctrl+U. For example equation X2+Y2=Z2 it will look like this
To delete the text, press Ctrl + D. For example the formula H2O it will look like this
To answer part of the question, or to move to a new line, press the Ctrl + Enter , and to move the text to the right of Ctrl + Space . All that lies between the signs are not equal < ... > code is considered a web page and not shown. To solve this problem, click Ctrl + T . There may be situations when the plain text, when tested, the program shows otherwise. Select the text, copy it. In the Edit \ coded text in the tags , paste the text and click "OK". Insert text, replacing vydeliny.
   In the Edit You can insert pictures into questions and answers. And here's a video or audio-only files in question.
   Press F4 and you will see a list of questions.
   To see how the question will appear, press F8. To continue again F8. If you want to see the entire test Test \ Show entire test . To facilitate the perception of the test, the program will place question numbers [1], [2], [3]
   If all questions have the same answer, such as: "Yes" and "No", then enter them in the first question, and then click the menu "Test \ Copy the answers to all the questions."
   If the answers to all questions have the same points, such as the first answer - 1 point, the second - 2 points, then enter them in the first question, and then click the menu "Test \ Copy points in all questions."
   To split one file into several files, the number of tickets click on the menu "Test \ Divide the dough for the tickets."
   To combine several tests, the first open test, save it under a different name, if necessary, then press the menu Test \ Test Add . Remember that the basic parameters are stored in the first test, but the total number of questions. Click Ctrl + P and check whether all's right.
   There are times when you need to move the question from one test to another. To do this, click the "Test \ Copy issue." The next menu item "Test \ Copy few questions" all you have to do is mention the right questions flag.
   To split one file into several files, the number of tickets click on the menu "Test \ Divide the dough for the tickets."
Entering results
   Press the "Result", enter the text, and the amount of points. And the sum of the scores should go on increasing.

   Several psychological tests can not be combined into one.
   To continue the download test, after the break, click File \ Change , and enter your password.
   To begin testing, open a test.

Print test
   Menu "Test \ Test Print". First, you must set the quantity of questions you want to print. There are three modes:
   1) Will ask all the questions - Print the entire test.
   2) It will ask: - Enter the required number of questions.
      Post a question - With this number the program will start the choice of issues.
   3) Tickets - If the test is divided into tickets, you need only select the number.
   Additional options:
   Show questions in random order - The program moves the questions or choose them randomly.
   Show answers at random - Change the answers sometimes.
   Question for compliance column - If you remove the check mark, the answers will be divided into two lines, which saves space. The first line of the left side of the responses in the second right.
   Show only correct answers - after printing, the test can give students to study.
   Click "Accept", the right mouse button and select "Print". Or copy the text in Word.

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